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Nike Women's Nike Zoom Gravity Nike Zoom Gravity - Women's Platinum Tint/Mtlc Silver/White/Pure Platinum


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Nike Zoom Gravity Women's Review Platinum Tint/Mtlc Silver/White/Pure Platinum

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Nike Women's Nike Zoom Gravity, Nike Zoom Gravity Women's Review

Nike Zoom Gravity - Women's Platinum Tint/Mtlc Silver/White/Pure Platinum

Speed Up
Designed to support your speediest moments, the Nike Women’s Zoom Gravity is the ultimate running shoe. Whether you’re training for a marathon or cruising around the neighborhood, these comfortable shoes will get you there in a flash. Built with features designed to cushion your foot while propelling your next step, these are the kicks you need to achieve all your athletic and style goals. Outrace Them All
Leaving the competition behind is every runner’s dream—and it’s this fighting spirit that makes these shoes so vital to your game. The Zoom Gravity is an epic choice due to its hyper-comfortable midsole with built-in foam and its reliable fit. Most importantly for athletes, it’s built with Zoom Air technology to improve response time and boost your agility while you bound from one block to the next. Nike Women’s Zoom Gravity features:
•Mesh and synthetic upper offers all-day flexibility and comfort.
•Elevated cushioned midsole allows for more support inside.
•Zoom Air® cushioning adds bounce to every step while minimizing shock.
•Thick rubber outsole maximizes security and promotes superior traction.
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