The Future Of Government?

Sure the recent election results from the US has gotten a lot of attention and rightfully so. But what has caught our attention at Chama has been the remarkable strategy of Obama’s team to use the power of the net to communicate with voters and now, with citizens with the launch of

The day after the election, the Obama team quickly launched, a new site that communicates his agenda on the important issues that face the States from economy to environment challenges. Although the site is skinny on content right now, it is positioned as the building block for the promises Obama has made for technology.

However there are early signs of collaborative features such as the invitation for everyday citizens to share their stories and ideas and be part of “bringing a positive lasting change” to the States. There’s also a clever feature that allows citizens to share their thoughts on the direction the Obama administration should the lead the country.

Will be a successful example of e-government? Will encourage other World leaders down to local leaders to adopt similar communication platforms? Will more businesses adopt similar social media tools?

As web strategist Jeremiah has written, “It’s really hard for anyone to be a nay-sayers about the adoption of these tools now, if the big ol’ government can start to connect with people, corporations can too”.


Big Kudos to Stephanie Booth for a well organized Going-Solo Conference this past Friday- if you missed the event and are thinking about becoming a “Soloist” in the near future, you should definitely check out the joys and tribulations of being a freelancer with presentations by:

Martin Roell, Stowe Boyd, Suw Charman, Dennis Howlett, and a good panel discussion for setting your rates.


A lot has been written and captured about the conference – you can get caught up with all the day’s events, here.

Even our very own Chief Smarty Pants “Eddie” got caught on tape, along with our new friend Nuno.

Next conference we have our eyes on is reboot in Denmark. Hope to see you there.

going-solo conference

Going Solo conference for freelancers, May 16th, Lausanne (Switzerland).On May 15th, Eddie and I, along with Andre, we’ll be traveling north to Geneva for the one day Going-Solo conference – “focused on the new web” for freelancers and small business owners.

This will be the conference’s first year and is organized by Stephanie Booth, and promises to be a full day of meeting and interacting with interesting people like: Stowe Boyd, Laura (Pistachio), Nuno Barreto, Kevin Marks, and others.

If you’re planning to be there and like to connect, leave us a comment below. You can also connect with Eddie here and myself here.

See you there!

How To Twitter

I consider myself an early adaptor of all things cool on the net. But when it came to Twitter (the next generation instant messaging) I held back the urge to sign-up at lightening speed, because I thought it would be more of an interruption, than anything else.

How To Twitter

But my perception changed after stumbling on this article by Jeremiah Owyang SR Analyst at Forrester Research, for social computing.

On his blog, he has a well thought article on “How To Twitter”. Check it out here.
Thanks Jeremiah!

Of course I’m now Twittering with my new Twitter account