Changing the way we look at genius…

By: on February 12, 2009 
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Not long ago I came across what appeared to be a ‘fun’ read – Eat, Pray, Love – by Elizabeth Gilbert.

After purchasing it, I gave it a home on my book shelf until I had time for a light read. When that day finally came many months later, I regretted having left it to collect dust for so long, and having initially thought of it as frivolous.

The story is based on the journey of a tormented woman looking for happiness, this of course is not a new idea, but what made this book so special, was how well it was written. The creative investment used to bring the story to life and its ability to pull the reader in to the character’s misery, pain and eventual enlightenment, is what ultimately made it a  wonderful read.

At Chama we’re always looking for how creativity is applied to all things old and new. Gilbert’s understanding that her international best seller is akin to the freakish luck of winning a lottery, has begun looking more closely at the concept of creativity.

Her newest work (not yet released) explores the concept of – creative genius – how it works, how to manage it, and if its really something we own or borrow temporarily.

Her interesting view and research on creativity can be seen below or on TED’s website.

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  1. Karol Gajda on February 25, 2010 6:21 am

    Thanks for linking to this Eddie! Elizabeth Gilbert not only has a way with the written word, but with the spoken word as this video showed. After watching her TED talk I checked out her Web site and found more good stuff: Some Thoughts On Writing

    Thanks again!

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