Two Things You Can do Today, To Improve Your Business

By: Moses Mehraban on December 22, 2008 
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How do you make your business more efficient during the recession? Here are two things you can do today, to add a little fire to your business in ’09.

T!P {1}
Depending on the size of your customer base, make a list of your top 20% customers by sales volume.

  1. Send them a personal email or better yet, give them a personal call and thank them for their business over the years. If they’ve stopped doing business with you, then ask them:
  2. What your business can do to be more helpful and more valuable to them in 2009
  3. Be sure to get their thoughts on how you can make doing business with you easier, more convenient and more pleasant
  4. If they’ve stopped doing business with you, there’s probably a valuable reason. This would be a good time to hear if you’ve done anything to inconvenience them
  5. If you’re in a position, extend a special offer to this group of customers and make the offer available to their friends and family too

T!P {2}
Engage your Staff and make crowd sourcing work for your business:

  1. Ask your staff, 3-5 things your company does that drive customers away
  2. 3-5 things that your company can do to WOW! customers
  3. If the company could only make one change, what should that be?

Give them a few days to respond, thank them for their participation and make it clear that they can send their recommendation anonymously. But be sure to acknowledge and praise those employees, who include their name, as transparency in business should be rewarded and acknowledged.

What do you think?

Love to hear some of your practical and timely tips for managing your business in challenging economic times.

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